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Sun, Apr. 18th, 2004, 09:11 pm
star_no_more: Hailey Life...oh wait, this actually happened in Kaetchum, but oh well, I mean STAMPED

Yeah, so seeing as I'm one of the creators...me and Autumn, and I haven't posted anything yet I figured I'd update you on what went down Friday, wait, no, Saturday night. So after the movie Nathan, Hayden, Estelle, Sam, Chaz, and I decided to go chill at what I call Hemmingway Park, but apparently it's Atkinson's so I
m not gonna question the system. Well anyways, here's the layout. Sam and Chaz are sitting in the MAV (mormon assault vehicle...sorry Alex, it was just to good to not steal) anyways, Sam and Chaz are sitting in my car listening to rap, Estelle and Hayden are talking in the lighted alcove in part of the school, and Nathan and I are doing some extreme swinging on the playground. So we're talking and I see these headlights. Nathan's all like, "We so just got ditched!" Then I was like, "Or it's the Fuzz, god damn, I'm paranoid..." So 5 minutes later or something we see more headlights. Then 5 more minutes later we hear Estelle beckon us to come back to the car. When we got over the hill I see 2 or 3 cop cars (I was told there were 3 at one point) and 2 officers shinning flashlights in our eyes. Owww, my retina. Anyways, we go over there and have a talk and they make a comment about Nathan's gum. Apparently he was drinking so much that when he say the cops he slipped a piece in his mouth to cover the smell...yeah. So Nathan's all like, "I'll take any test you have." Then the cops were all like, "I have a math test in the car." Wow, it must be cool to be a cop...having people laugh at your bad jokes. So then Nathan mentioned Cal and everything was fine. Yeah...so later I found out that when the cops go there Estelle and Hayden ran and hid...not very good considering we were doing nothing illegal. They got caught and IDed, taken back to my car, where Sam and Chaz were IDed, then Estelle had to go get Nathan and me, but we weren't IDed because he's Cal's stepson...I like how that works. Anyways, that night I learned that you aren't allowed to have innocent fun in parks after 10...fuck that shit. <3 me