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Mon, Apr. 5th, 2004, 02:45 pm
afptr13: Stamped

What's up HaileyXCore. I figured out how to link to communities and users. It's just an LJ cut. But it looks more like this... lj user=" ". But put little <> around it. And you just put the name in the quotes. I can't show exactly how it looks cuz it acts as a cut and then you would just see a link instead. So, I'm tryin to recruit people. I'm doing my best to spread the word. Later.


Sat, Apr. 3rd, 2004, 11:51 pm
autumnzero: Stamped

I AM BORED AS FUCK. but that's idaho life. i'm a total loser. it was like, 9 o clock and i was supposed to go to estelle/s house. my parents were supposed to be coming home any minute so i couldn't take my car cuz they'd notice it was gone, so i fucking RODE MY BIKE to her house....with semi flat tires. for sucks. they didn't even come home til 11:30 and i only stayed at her house for like, 5 minutes cuz i thought that my parents would be home with food. they didn't even bring food when they got home. )-: i don't like them.
p.s. i'm also a loser cuz i've watched every homestar cartoon there is tonight. if you don't know what that is you should go to www.homestarrunner.com

Fri, Apr. 2nd, 2004, 10:24 am
afptr13: Pick Me!!!

gee, i hope get accepted into this awesome community

-Jason Londos
-some bands you like--Modern English, Rise Against, Him, Himsa, Propagandhi, As I Lay Dieing...
-pigeons or penguins?(random, yes. but important none the less)--Penguins
-what do you do for entertainment on weekends?--Play guitar, Hang with my bud Nathan, or with my gf Hayden, or with alot of friends all at once.
-why are you HaileyXCore?--I'm trying to be
-do you have a car? if so, what type?--no
-are you a nonuglyemo?--absolutely not
-random fact--an orgasm and ejaculation are two different things, for a dude
-do you wear a watch?--how else would i Tell time? one of those nifty sun-dials?
-favorite disney movie--Toss up between The lion king and beaut and the beast
-read much?--only when i have too
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